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S.A. Hyde, Hypnotist

Hyde's Hypnosis Club!

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Welcome to Hyde's Hypnosis Club!

As promised, here you will find links to my new MP3 files BEFORE they go on either website for sale. Join the email list below so you can be kept up to date of the files and when they are available. Also, you can send any ideas you may have for files to the list.

Special Offer to Hypnosis Club Members ONLY!!!

Spend a day with Sebastian.

If you live within 5 hours (travel time) of Cleveland, OH, I will come to you and spend a day with you! All the trancing you want for 8 solid hours!
(If you live outside the 5 hour travel limit, write me. We'll work something out.)

My In-person Long Distance Session fee is $200 for 1 hour. At the normal price, you would be paying $1600 for a day with me. For this SPECIAL OFFER the price is only $500!

So click the Pay Now button below and let's set a date!

New MP3 coming soon!

New MP3 coming soon!

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